Our Ongoing Relationship With You


The initial advice we provide is just the beginning of our ongoing relationship. To keep your goals on track we have ongoing service specifically designed for you based on your goals and how complex the next few years of your life may be.
We are committed to making sure our fees are transparent, understood and agreed to by you. Our preferred method of payment is by a fixed fee per annum. The actual fee charged to you will depend on the nature of the advice or service we provide and how complex your situation is. We will discuss and agree the actual fees with you before we proceed. We provide ongoing services to help you stay on track to meet your goals. Our ongoing service fees vary depending on the scope and complexity of services provided.

We make this simple and it’s your choice. We only offer one (1) or two (2) advice reviews in a 12 month period.

Yes, all clients that have signed up for ongoing advice have access to our team and your adviser all year round for queries, general advice and even a quick coffee catch up. If a new situation has arisen in your life then there may be new initial advice fee required, if so we will discuss this with you.

The minimum ongoing advice cost is $375 per month ($4,500 per annum) inc GST.
We only charge clients an advice fee ongoing when we know that our advice will deliver more value to your lives than the actual cost required to receive that advice.

You can pay via a monthly direct debit from a bank account, credit/debit card or through the recommended investment platform that we implement for you, i.e. from your investments. It may also be a combination of both; direct debit and via your investments. Everyone’s situation is different so we can show you the best way to structure this based on your own circumstances.